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I love working with computers. After graduating from Moira Secondary School in Belleville, Ontario I earned a computer science degree. Before I went to law school I was a computer programmer at York University and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. I worked on computers such as an IBM 1800 and an Interdata 70 minicomputer as well as with run of the mill IBM 360/370. At home, I have enjoyed using a VIC-20 as well as various Atari ST machines (we used a few Atari's in our office until 1997 but are now running NT 4, 2000 and XP there) but my home computing is now all Windows Vista/2003/XP/NT/98/CE/Palm now and NT/2000/XP at work. In Moosonee and Attawapiskat, I've taught a few evening computer courses and helped some local organizations with computer related matters. I do this now on a purely volunteer basis and focus on non-profit groups. I haven't done any serious programming for almost two decades but have a lot of fun although I get nostalgic for APL, Fortran and assembler once in a while. I spent some time am trying to learn enough about Windows 2003 Server to pass a Microsoft examination but never got around to taking the test. I did one for 2000 Server before deciding to move on to the current product.

Today the main thing I do with computers is email and internet as well as photography. The more pictures I take the more space I need and the more I use Photoshop and Lightroom. Right now I am thinking about a new storage system for my photographs.

Palmgear - software and information source for Palm handhelds

Vintage Computer Festival –good links to information about vintage computers

KarenWare –Free power tools by Karen Kenworthy

Symantec (Norton) – Virus Info


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