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Moosonee Buildings

    First Street Bay Road 3 Atim Road
Health Centre Wavey Crescent Wabun Road
  Ferguson Road Second Street Ferguson Road Ferguson Road

8 Niska Road

Northern Staff Residence

Church of the Apostles

Arctic Arts Courtyard

Arctic Arts

Northern Store

Moosonee Public School

Paytahpun Fuels

Cree-Aski Field Office

Arctic Arts back

Christ the King Cathedral

Ontario Government

Northern Staff Residence

Great North Builders Sup

Northern Staff Residence

Former military building

School board building

Two Bay Tours

Polar Bear Lodge

Moosonee Lodge

Modern conveniences


New construction


Moosonee Native
Friendship Centre

Church of the Apostles

Arctic Arts Building

Second Street from
Wabun Rd to Bay Rd

Post Office new siding

Former Odds'n'Ends

Steeple of Christ the King

Views of the rear and side
of former Catholic

Moosonee Pentecostal Church

Two Bay with new showroom

New MPS garage

Revillon Freres museum

Christ the King Cathedral before dusk

Ferguson S & Hunter

Church of the Apostles

Tempo Variety

Tamarack Suites B&B

MNR housing

Community Living Workshop & Office

Moose River Inn

Residence on Revillon Rd

Northern Store

Ontario Provincial Police

Town Offices

Firehall (left), Town Offices

Public School Board

Moosonee Public School

Northern Lights Secondary (rear)

Calvary Outreach

Former Catholic Mission

Polar Bear Lodge

Buildings on First Street

MNR Staff House

James Bay General Hospital
Moosonee Health Centre

Full Gospel Tabernacle

Bases of three former radomes

Shed Number Five

Base of former radome

The Barracks

Moosonee Lodge

LCBO: Liquor Store

James Bay General
Hospital Administration

Private homes on
Ferguson Road North

Bishop Belleau School

Moosonee Post Office

Residence facing river

Moosonee firehall

Two Bay Enterprises

Necessities Store

MNR Housing

Christ the Kingng
Catholic Cathedral