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Pictures submitted by Richard Provencher



Richard (Dick) L. Provencher has taken up Poetry and Prose writing since his stroke in 1999. Because of prayers from family and friends he continues to recover.

He worked for the Ontario Department of Public Welfare from his office in Moosonee in 1967. His responsibilities included administering General Welfare Assistance and Family Benefits to all persons from Moose River Crossing to Winisk on Hudson Bay, including Moose Factory Island. He enjoyed immensely his work with the Cree natives and to this day retains friendship with several families.

Since then he worked as a County Social Services Administrator, then Home for Aged Administrator, in Sarnia Ontario. He and his wife, Esther, moved to Truro, Nova Scotia in 1986 and worked for 14 years with Truro Downtown Services - Tourism, Marketing and Business Development. He can be reached at richardprov1@netscape.net .

Richard is a long time member of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia. He believes writing is a global adventure, a journey without borders. Richard and his wife, Esther, have four children and five grandchildren. He has many poems and stories in print and online.

Simply type out his full name on the Google search engine to access a sampling of poems and stories published.

His Poetry Chapbook, "In the Light of Day" is available from www.mercutiopress.com . Also, Port Town Publishing in Superior, Wisconsin, USA will soon publish his Picture Story Book, "And French Fries."

He hopes these pictures will help provide a background of the strength of will, heritage and love of the land depicted by his Native friends.

And he misses them.


Copyright 1967-1972 Richard L. Provencher & Dennis Eitzen (deceased). All Rights Reserved, any of these pictures may be copied for personal usage, as long as the copyright is fully indicated. These pictures are not for sale, but rather a piece of history to be shared.