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More pictures


Older pictures on this website are generally in an 800 pixel (larger dimension) format. New ones are 1024 pixels. These limits reflect the age of this site which originated in an era when computer access was dialup and online storage space was very limited.

I also post pictures on two other websites:

www.pbase.com/paullantz  has pictures usually in 1024 pixel size. Seems very popular for shots of ravens.

paullantz.com is a smugmug photo site where I now post pictures in full resolution (e.g. 3500 pixels). You can also order prints (or mugs or whatever) from this site. I tend to put more pictures on this site now because it is set up to automatically handle photo captions (and has more generous storage availability) and just post a selection on www.lantz.ca and www.pbase.com/paullantz .

Generally the pictures I post on these sites are at higher resolution that those on this site. I also use them for posting collections of photographs from events such as school programs and weddings.

If you are particularly interested in pictures related to Moosonee you might want to subscribe to this feed of Moosonee pictures from smugmug, some of them are mine but the site includes other local photographers.

To subscribe to a feed of my pictures from paullantz.com click here

I do not sell prints myself. If you want a print you can generally download the picture and print it yourself or you can order prints from paullantz.com

Almost all of the pictures on this and my other sites were produced with Canon cameras. I started out with a Canon FTb 35mm film camera in 1971 and almost everything I have bought since then has been Canon.