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Moosonee 2010

Pictures taken in Moosonee, Ontario in 2010

This year I will be posting fewer pictures on this page to keep the page from taking too long to load.
A wider selection of pictures, in higher quality, may be found on one of my other sites: 





Canada Day Fireworks

Watching fireworks Canada Day games and closed bridge Old structure in creek Soft serve comes to downtown Moosonee





  Taxi boat headed to Moose Factory Revillon Road Across the river at sunset June 30th
Wedding 2010 June 26th more pictures on www.paullantz.com
Clouds and moon Aurora Borealis June 26th Old Airport bridge Moosonee under clouds Trees at night
Bridge construction on way to airport Dechen's last day Wedding rehearsal June 25th
Keewaytinok Native Legal Services presentation Backlit balloon Bishop Belleau School Graduation June 22nd

Launching of tub Nelson Road at Moosonee into the Moose River via marine railway 2010 June 22nd

Canoe races for National Aboriginal Day 2010 June 21st

Rock collectors Midsummer sunrise June 21st Ministry of Natural Resources Twin Otter
Evening fog on the Moose River June 19th Dawn shoreline Sunrise June 19th Old sign
Sunset 2010 June 17th Moose River shoreline June 15th

Moosonee Public School Graduation

Pontoon boat  

Carol Birnie retirement dinner June 11th

Going away gift Trees at sunrise Old water tower Young women along the Moose River with a bicycle June 5th
Another bear warning sign Bear warning sign Trees at sunset Taxi boats passing Indoor soccer June 3rd




Aurora Night time fog with a full moon May 30th May 23rd dawn along the edge of the Moose River
High above Stuck in the shoreline Birds or sensor dust? Dogs and fog Butler Island as fog lifts Up river view May 17
Fog down river Store Creek shoreline Two Bay dock 26 foot canoe Glove imprint
Safety cones Below quarry bridge   Aircraft May 3rd





Across the river Shoreline April 29th Snow April 29th Shoreline at night April 28th
April 25 boats at dawn Barge out of winter storage April 24th April 20th boats and dusty roads
Boat on the river: Darrell Innes and Gord McComb Shore ice floating away Shore ice separating Shore ice at dawn April 16th
Sunrise April 15th Upstream at sunrise Butler Island Mouth of Store Creek Ice flowing, a little Shore ice April 15
Sunset April 14th

2010 April 14th ice on the Moose River before sunrise

Shoreline at dusk 2010 April 13 Sunrise 2010 April 13th at Moosonee Up river view Towards hydro towers
April 12 river ice Along the shoreline Sunset April 12 Store Creek
Up river view April 11 Fresh snow April 11

Along the edge of the Moose River April 10th

Before sunrise April 10th
Tracks April 10th  

Snowfall 2010 April 9th

Starting to snow April 9th Stairs away from ice Tidemark April 8th Moose River shoreline April 7th Mouth of Store Creek
Snowmobile April 6th April 6th along the river's edge at sunrise April 5th snowmobile on the river
April 5th Moving a store in boxcar Store Creek April 1st
River traffic March 31st Sunset 2010 March 31st from Butler Street rail crossing.   Store Creek dam at night
Night traffic on the Moose River        
  Clinic at night Moon rise March 29th travel on the Moose Rivr
March 29th on the river   River traffic Morning walkers 28th River traffic March 27th
Truck headed north 26th   Shoreline March 26 Blowing and piled up snow March 25th Snow under the door 25th
Leaving Moose Factory Winter road north Sunrise March 23rd Sunrise March 22nd Winter road traffic Second Street
Morning fog Ready for pickup Cyclist March 21st Road to Moose Factory From cathedral steps Shoreline fog
Catholic cemetery Up McCauley's Hill Wavey Crescent Youth Basketball - more pictures on www.paullantz.com
    Short cut   C-FAYC landing Taking off
Crossing the Moose River March 16th Revillon Road March 16 North road Shoreline cracks Shoreline March 15th
Sunrise along the Moose River March 14th   Inside a camp

Sunset from bridge near quarry

Road to Moose Factory New water heater Coming in to land Truck at church Frost on trees March 10th Snowmobile March 9th
Winter road sign Winter road & tracks Airport Road bridge Downtown March 8th Freight by night Sky over Butler Island
Traffic and water Sunset March 7th Renovated Quickstop Water on Revillon Road Shoreline at sunrise Sunrise March 5th
Working on church

Frost on trees March 9th

Walking after sunset

Northern's Truckload sale

Moon at sunrise Ready to head north Water tower at sunset Foggy sunrise March 2   Revillon Road
  Polar Bear Lodge

Getting the snow off the roof 2010 February 24th

Almost full moon Telephone company
tent at base of utility pole
  Dancing at engagement party Snow overhang
Newly weds Wabun Road traffic Snow overhang at LCBO Ice at Government Building Driver testing First Street traffic
New playground stuff Northern parking lot Snow covered fence Revillon Road Looking across the Moose Vehicles awaiting repairs
Traffic Ferguson Road Icicles   Government Building Tide mark ice  

Keewaytinok Native Legal Services Annual General Meeting 2010 February 10th

North on the winter road
    Ready to head north 106th birthday Sliding near public docks in Moosonee
Sky at sunset Jan 24th Snowmobiling on the Moose River Very large sled Sun Dog January 24th Enhanced cloudy sunrise
Cloudy sunrise Traffic on cloudy morning Looking to hydro tower Minivan in snowstorm Throwing snow Sorting paper