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Moosonee pictures from 2003 and earlier



December 2003 photos

First boat in the river May 7 2003 (video frame)

May 7 2003 ice mostly gone and first boat in the river

Ice moving in the distance May 5, 2003

Edge of the ice May 5, 2003

Marine artifacts in front of Moosonee Transport Bunkhouse

Bishop Belleau School April 7, 2003

Tugs stored for winter

Butler Creek Bailey bridge

Butler Creek April 12, 2003

Butler Creek looking to rail bridge

Butler Creek rail bridge to airport

Butler Creek rail bridge close

Christ the King Catholic Cathedral

Pentecostal Church and Ontario Government Building

Keewaytinok Native Legal Services



Fueling helicopter

Heading up the winter road April 12, 2003

Hutchison Drive

James Bay Association for Community Living Office and Workshop

James Bay Association for Community Living Residence

First Street

Meeting the train

186 miles from Cochrane

Moosonee Non-Profit Housing Office


Sign at train station

Moosonee Office Building

Moosonee Public School

Museum in old baggage car

Polar Bear Lodge

Pressure ridge along shore

Pussywillows, first sign of life, April 12, 2003

Rail approach to airport

Butler Creek rail bridge

Revillon Freres museum

Shelter above boat taxi docks

Road from Moose Factory Island

Road to Moose Factory Island closed April 12, 2003

Landslide along Moose River

Start of winter road to Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat, April 6, 2003

Bridge over Store Creek

Trail to Butler Creek April 12, 2003

Vehicles on river April 12, 2003