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Moosonee Pictures 2004

Tug Hudson Bay Explorer at Moosonee
Reflections in calm water 2004 September 26 Barge & trucks
Moosonee Transport Limited tug Nelson River and its barge return to Moosonee 2004 September 26 Fall colour

August 30 morning fog
Boxcars along the river Empty barge Ready to be shipped north Empty barge

August 26, 2004 a foggy morning followed by a bright afternoon

Taxi boats June 11, 2004

Waterfront and Butler Creek
July 23, 2004

Train for people evacuated from Attawapiskat due to flooding danger May 21 2004

Canadian Air Force C-130 Hercules used for evacuation, click below for more photos

Innovative use for old swing set

Canoe in Store Creek

Catholic Mission building behind Christ the King Cathedral

In late May 2004, severe flooding conditions forced the evacuation of many people from Attawapiskat, a coastal community about 150 miles north of Moosonee. Some residents were flown to Moosonee by the Air Force and then taken to Cochrane and Timmins by special train.
Pictures of C-130 at Moosonee airport, May 21, 2004

Chipstand 2004 April 8

Seniors Residence

Helicopter, vehicles, skidoos, people and dogs April 8 2004

Storage trailers

Snow ready for removal

Arena through lumberyard

Taxi driver

One very clean truck

Looking towards the Bay

Snowmobile April 8 2004

Snowmobile trail in slush

Northern Store

Museum car (ex-baggage car)

First Street from Museum car


Christ the King Cathedral

Northern College Daycare Easter window with reflection of cathedral

Pedestrians on First Street who wanted their picture on the internet.


No snow, just ice on river April 2, 2004

Cleaned out ditch on Moosonee street

Vehicles with oil drums

Looking towards Butler Island from Moosonee

Shelter, flooded

Along the bank

Edge of the ice

Signs of spring, children on bicyles.


Top nine
March 29

March 2004

Lower six
March 9



Revillon Rd N

First Street

 Store Creek


Government Building Crack in the ice Legal Clinic

One track Lots of river traffic Store Creek


January 2004 photos