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Moosonee pictures from 2005


Nov 2005  
November 29th was a warm day at 8C

Sunrise Nov 27th

Work site Nov 27th

Butler Island Nov 26th

Ice on river surface November 20th at dusk

Butler Island Nov 16th

Tug Nelson River and
small boat

Nelson River handling


Tug Harricana River

Towing and pushing a
barge to winter storage

Tug Nelson River

Manoeuvring a barge

River November 16th

Shore and boats Nov 14

Early ice November 12th

Driveway newly shoveled

Barge November 11th

Moon over Butler Island
Oct 2005
More pictures
Chum - Iserhoff wedding

Former base, airport to

Former operations area

Baseball diamond


Up the Moose River

Downtown from SW

Downtown Moosonee

Fall colours

Lagoon from North

Lagoon from South

Town employee

Moosonee shore

Moosonee shore
MTL to gravel stockpile

Moose River

Tent frame

Taxi driver

Hydro lines to Moose

Bases of former radomes

Moosonee dump

Hydro facilities

Bailey bridge across
Butler Creek

Looking towards Butler

Part of former base
Sept 2005
Author Nancy Hartry
October: 3 legged race
August 2005

Skidder at sunset

Brush clearing equipment

Store Creek Dam

Sunrise August 8
July 2005
Low tide July 24th

Curtis and the Captain

Towards James Bay

Barge being loaded
June 2005   

Museum Car

Shoreline before dawn

East just before dawn

Store Creek dam June 5th

Docks June 5th

Cotter Street Dock

Geese June 1st
May 2005
Aurora May 31

Looking to Gutway across
sandbar May 31

Bill Henry assists a
fellow firefighter

Moosonee Pentecostal
Youth Group provided
the "victims"
Mock disaster exercise
May 28th

More Pictures from exercise


Taxi boat docking May 26

Along river bank

Boats May 25th

Docks at sunset

Waiting for passengers

Morning May 17

Barge Manitou II
May 13

Geese looking for place to
land May 13th

Bit more snow May 11th 

Docks coming May 7th

Barges May 3rd

Taxi boat driver

Taxi boat in the rain
April 2005

Moose River early morning

Sunset April 30th

Ferry waits to return to
the river

Before sunrise April 30th   Cloudy sunrise

Boat against sunrise

Butler Creek and Dam April 21st

Butler Creek April 25th

Winter road April 16th

Store Creek Dam April 18th

Roiling water near dam

Part of the "Base"

Early sunrise April 14th

Bottom of Store Creek

Sunrise April 16th

Intersection of winter
roads April 7th

Sunrise April 6th

Moosonee map near train

Sunrise April 5th

Pisew Street

Pallet fence

Ferguson Road bridge

Wet streets

Store Creek Bridges

Looking south April 2nd

Moose River predawn
(white balance altered)
Sunrise March 30th

Sunrise March 29th

Railroad man & camera

Down McCauley's hill
March 30th


Christ the King Catholic

Fuel storage tanks at dawn

Water repairs on Wabun

Snowbanks at sunset along
the road between Moose
Factory and Moosonee


Sunset looking Southwest

Long walk almost over

OPP Ford Excursion

Nishnawbe Aski Police

Gravel haul across river

Trucks raising snow

Butler Island South End

River bank just north of
Store Creek

Tracks along the shore

Fuel Dealership from
the River

Tug Nelson River in
winter storage

View from river centred
on Anglican Church

Ontario Government
Building from the river

Trucks waiting to go north

Crane used for loading
trucks headed north

Self portrait.

Start of winter road to
Fort Albany, Kashechewan
and Attawapiskat.

Winter road warning

Tire fire February 22nd

Legal clinic

Houses along the river

Tire fire from downtown

Moosonee Lodge dawn


Butler Island


Revillon Frères Museum Ontario Government Building