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Pictures taken January through November 2009

Moosonee Pictures taken during December 2009

December 25th
Christmas sunrise

Sky before sunrise

Sky before sunrise
December 23rd
Waiting for the train

Sunset sky over trees

Sunset over Gardiner Rd

Sunset sky
Sunrise over Ferguson Rd Sky before sunrise Northern Store parking Moosonee River morning View down stream Along the shoreline
December 22nd

Playing around with a
stamp and a lens and a
new camera: Canon 7D

Trees in light snow
December 21
Christmas cookies
December 20th

Megan and her Uncle Timothy throwing snow at the bottom of McCauley's Hill

Vapour rising along shore Upriver view at sunset Truck heading up river Vehicles along shore Ferguson Road Mouth of Store Creek
December 19th

Christmas music from

December  18th

Vehicles on the winter
road to Moose Factory

December 17th Flooding the ice at the
bottom of McCauley's
Hill to thicken the ice for
the winter road.
December 16th

Elaborate party for a one
year old.
December 15th
Hockey at the Moosonee Arena shot with Canon 7D @ ISO 3200 and 6400 Snowmobile and sled Looking up river
December 13th
Smoke in Moose Factory Blowing snow on river Cold front Thick blowing snow Playing at camera testing
December 11th First 7D pictures
December 10th
Snowmobile along shore View up the Moose River Shoreline slush Empty shelves when train cancelled due to bridge fire
December 9th
Snowmobile on river Looking down the Moose River Bottom of McCauley's Hill
December 8th  


Walking on the river
December 7th
December 6th    
December 5th Memorial for Josephine Chakasim
Josephine Chakasim
December 4th
December 3rd      

Foggy morning
December 2nd
Moon rise
Full moon rising over Moosonee 2009 December 2nd


Ice crack at night

December 1st  


Ice along the shoreline

Checking boats